Primary & Secondary Foundry Alloys

Norton Aluminium is the UK 's leading manufacturer of high grade aluminium foundry alloys.

With a particular emphasis on metal cleanliness, analytical accuracy and compositional consistency, Norton Aluminium customers enjoy material with superior, consistent mechanical properties, higher metal yields and low rates of scrap with production conditions optimised to suit consistent feed material.

For details of the range of secondary alloy specifications produced in our flexible facility, see below:

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LM0 LM9 LM21 LM28
LM2 LM12 LM22 LM29
LM4 LM13 LM24 LM30
LM5 LM16 LM25 LM31
LM6 LM20 LM26  

Master Alloys

Providing rapid and accurate elemental additions to baths of molten aluminium, Norton's range of master alloys includes AlSr10, AlTi10, AlMn20, AlCu40, AlNi20, AlSn4, AlCr5, AlSi30, AlMg25 and a number of others. Click here for example specifications. Norton also produces Iron and Manganese master alloy tablets in convenient 1Kg tablets for cost-effective rapid addition of these elements to melts. Click here for more detailed information on our master alloys.

Aerospace Alloys

Norton produces the lion's share of the UK 's requirements for aerospace aluminium and Formula 1 foundry alloys, to purity levels of 0.001% Fe.

Norton's product range includes alloys containing silver, zirconium, antimony, cobalt, vanadium and molybdenum, with minimum production quantities of only one tonne.

For typical examples of the specifications produced, please view the links below:

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2L99 L169
L119 L173
L154 L174

For more information on our Aerospace Materials Division, please click here.

Sand Castings

Our Norton Castings sand casting division produces high integrity aluminium sand castings for the high-end engineering, military, aerospace and off-highway large diesel engine markets.