Aluminium Recyclingnorton aluminium factory

Our business is primarily that of aluminium recycling – recovering valuable aluminium from post consumer and factory waste.

Our process is inherently environmentally friendly and uses 5% of the energy required to make new aluminium at an aluminium smelter using bauxite ore. Aluminium is infinitely recyclable without loss of properties and will save 7 times the energy required in its initial production when used in vehicles as a substitute for steel, due to the fuel saving of lighter vehicles.

In food applications, aluminium provides an impermeable barrier to micro-organisms and extends product shelf life, thus reducing waste and product costs.

In a global context there is more than 400 million tonnes of aluminium in use, providing a stockpile for use and re-use by future generations.

Emissions Control

norton aluminiumWe invest heavily in the latest furnaces and filtration equipment to ensure complete combustion of contaminants and fuels and capture or neutralisation of resultant gases and particles to levels well below those of national and international standards. The company fully complies with its stringent enviromental permit and is always looking for further improvements to protect the enviroment and operate more efficentley.

Our Environmental Policy

We are proud of our involvement in the aluminium recycling industry and our contribution to the reduction of waste and energy usage .

We will operate our processes safely and efficiently to minimise emissions to air and water.

We will actively manage a monitoring programme to ensure our processes operate within the schedules authorised by our permit.

We appreciate the beauty and vulnerability of our surroundings and operate within the conditions of relevant authorisations and with due regard to national environmental standards.

Aluminium recycling is good for the environment and needs to be continually supported by the global community.