Norton Aluminium is the UK 's leading manufacturer of high grade aluminium foundry alloys and a supplier to quality conscious customers around the world. 

Widely acknowledged as one of the leading aluminium recycling facilities in the UK, with significant technical knowledge in the Aluminium Recycling process to ensure the best output levels are achieved to produce quality Aluminium Ingot.

Norton Aluminium produces all standard specification aluminium alloys and also in many cases to customer specific alloy requirements. 


Norton Aluminium is the one of the leading UK aluminium ingot manufacturers, producing primary, secondary, master and aerospace aluminium alloys. All Aluminium Ingots are fully tested during manufacture and certified prior to leaving the facility. 


Aluminium Sand Castings

Specialist manufacturer of high integrity aluminium sand castings for the military, aerospace, high-end engineering and off-highway sectors.


Aluminium Scrap Purchasing

Norton Aluminium purchase the following, Swarf, Briquettes, Turnings, Castings, Dross, Solids, Off Cuts, Wire, Foil, Litho, Webbings, Extrusion, Tube, Wheels and Plate. 

Our Specialisms

Norton Aluminium specialises in:

  • The manufacture of aluminium alloys including primary, secondary & master alloys.
  • Norton produces the lion's share of the UK 's requirements for aluminium aerospace alloys and Formula 1 foundry alloys, to purity levels of 0.001% Fe.
  • The creation of high integrity sand castings.
  • Aluminium scrap purchase.
  • Aluminium scrap trading.
  • Aluminium recycling.
  • Aluminium Tolling Services: Providing direct conversion of customer supplied arisings and / or re-specification service where elemental deficiencies are either made up or diluted. All aluminium ingots are fully certified after processing.

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Norse Precision Castings

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