Norton Castings

Specialist manufacturer of high integrity aluminium alloy sand castings for the military, aerospace, high-end engineering and off-highway sectors.

Customers include: BOC Edwards, BAE Systems, MSI Defence, VT Engine Controls, VA Tech Reyrolle, Perkins Engines, GEC Alstom, JCB and ThermoElectron.

Castings are designed to be machined on CNC machines.

Product Focus:

Accurate, high integrity, pressure tight aluminium sand castings.

Casting Size Range:

Up to 1.6m x 0.5m x 0.3m (H)

Minimum Wall Thickness:

0.2M cube – 5mm possible, 6mm general

Larger castings – 6mm possible, 7mm general


LM6 and LM25 to BS1490 as standard. Full range of BS casting alloys available by arrangement.

Casting Accuracy:

ISO 8062 (BS6615), grade CT6/7


Using the principle of 6-point fixed location.

Economic Quantities:

Usually in the range of 500pcs – 5000 pcs per year


Full NDT is offered with die penetrant testing to EN1371 and X-Ray analysis to ASTM E 155-79.

Quality Accreditations: 

  • Approved to ISO 9001:2008.
  • Approved by Rolls Royce Aerospace under Approval No.100550.

For more information on Quality Assurance please click here.

Descriptive Foundry Practice

We use chemically bonded sand techniques in conjunction with Ciba-Geigy 219 tooling resin patterns to create exact, repeatable apertures for each casting. Metal flow rates are then calculated to give optimum mould filling with minimal turbulence. Feeders and chills are designed and positioned to achieve progressive solidification within the mould.

Gas porosity is kept to low limits by tight control over melting / pouring temperatures and an emphasis on metal cleanliness at all stages.

New oxides are minimised by the use of controlled mould filling techniques (de-pressurised systems) and good confluence venting, whilst old oxides and eroded sand from the mould entry are eliminated by the use of in-mould reticular filtration.

Continuous improvement programmes are employed across the foundry, isolating and eliminating variables from whatever quarter.

hytech castings

Hytech Castings

Hytec Castings of Coventry joined the Norton Group of Companies in early 2011 and specialises in the production of large aluminium sand castings up to 500Kgs in weight and 3m x 2m x 1m overall size envelope.

Norse Precision Castings

Please visit our sister company's site Norse Precision Casting - the UK's leading manufacturer of Precision and Highly Decorative Aluminium Sand Castings and Polyurethane Mouldings.