Renowned around the world for the quality, cleanliness, analytical accuracy and consistency of composition of our metal. Approved by the Civil Aviation Authority and Rolls Royce for the supply of aerospace alloys and accredited to ISO9001 by LRQA. As one of the leading secondary aluminium producers Norton Aluminium fully certifies all aluminium alloys prior to shipping. 


  • ARL 3560, ARL 4460 and ARL 3460 – Highly accurate optical emission spectrometers.
  • Worldwide Analytical Foundrymaster – versatile, rapid, close coupled discharge spectrometer.
  • Housed in a temperature and environment controlled room and subject to frequent calibration and international benchmarking programme.

Metal Cleanliness

Norton Aluminium is a leading research partner with Birmingham University in the understanding and prevention of metal oxide films in molten aluminium.


  • Rotary Flux injection and degassing as standard.
  • Casting wheels and filter boxes on all casting systems.

Metallographic and Metallurgical Support

  • 2 degree-qualified metallurgists on our staff.
  • Substantial casting industry experience of practical situations, informed and down to earth advice and analysis.
  • Well equipped metallographic laboratory.


  • LRQA ISO 9001:2008.
  • Approved by Rolls Royce Aerospace under Approval No.100550.


Norton Aluminium is a registered brand on the LME aluminium alloy contract and NASAAC (North American special Aluminium Alloy Contract), with the designation “NA”.